Real Weddings at The Nest

-Josh & Katy Bucci-
April 18th, 2018

1. How did you both meet?
We met on Facebook actually! Katy claims I kept popping up in her “suggested friends” and so one night she just decided I deserved a friend request. Next came a bold message from me and a few days worth of conversation on Facebook messenger. Coffee a week later. And engagement at that same coffee shop 9 months after that. We could probably debate for hours who’s action counts as the bold first move, her friend request or my message.

2: How did you know he/ she was the one?
The moment I left the coffee shop after our first date I remember thinking I could marry her, but I think it really hit one day a few months into our relationship. We were joking about being on the same team in life and I just realized I wanted her to be on my team forever.

3:What is a good piece of advice you would give any newly engaged couple in this season?
Get married quickly! Engagement is fun, but it gets old. Find a great venue like the Nest and let the rest fall into place.

4:What was your favorite part about your wedding day at The Nest?
Other than obviously marrying my amazing wife and the shear beauty of the venue, I loved the secluded Bride and Groom suites. They offered a great place to sneak off for a moment to breath deep during the crazy day.

5: What is one planning tip you could give couples planning there wedding at The Nest?
The space is amazing! Let it speak for itself, don’t worry about decorating it too much.

Wedding Vendors
Planner: Query Events
Florist: Query Events
Photographer: Matt Allen Photography
Rentals: Grand Events
Catering: TCP Catering
DJ: Leforce
Cake: Cake Aholics Bakery
String Ceremony Music: Versa Strings