Real Weddings At The Nest

-Mackenzie & Chisam Reiter-
May 12th, 2018

1: How did you both meet?
I met my husband Chisam in college one night when I had a flat tire and he helped me change it. Cliché I know, but he is the sweetest man I’ve ever met and I’ve been head over heels for him ever since!

2: How did you know he/ she was the one?
When I was in college I remember praying for very specific qualities for my future husband to hold. At the time, I thought that my expectations and desires might be a little too high… and then Chisam came along. Chisam truly exceeded every prayer and desire I ever held for a future husband. He is a sweet reminder of how good our Lord truly is. I have never met someone so disciplined and committed to the Lord as Chisam is. He was the answer to all of my prayer and I feel beyond blessed to be married to him!

3:What is a good piece of advice you would give any newly engaged couple in this season?
The best piece of advice someone gave me in regards to wedding planning: “something is bound to go wrong on your wedding day (big or small) just brush it off and enjoy the day”. I think having this mindset made my wedding day SO much more enjoyable, because we definitely had a few mishaps – like forgetting our rings on the way to the ceremony, and having our bus break down with the entire wedding party aboard! These small incidents may sound like a wedding nightmare, but they were truly some of my favorite moments that day because all I could do was laugh! It was truly the perfect day, mishaps and all!

4:What was your favorite part about your wedding day at The Nest?
There are so many good things I could say about our experience at The Nest! If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the lighting! I absolutely fell in love with The Nest because of the ideal lighting. As a wedding photographer myself, photos played a large role in our day! I might be a little biased, but every single one of our photos taken at The Nest look absolutely stunning! Light, airy, and full of joy! Most reception halls are dark, dimly lit, or require off camera flashes. The lighting at The Nest is a dream!

5: What is one planning tip you could give couples planning there wedding at The Nest?
Hire your month of coordinator early on! They are a total lifesaver and I am so thankful for mine! Also, if you have any questions regarding planning, preferred vendors, additional hours, etc. don’t be afraid to reach out to Whitney! She was so incredibly kind, patient, and helpful throughout the planning process!


Wedding Vendors

Planner: Brittany Graham
Florist: Earl Grey Floral
Photographer: Kayla Snell Photography
Rentals: 5 Star
Videography: Reverent Wedding Films
Entertainment: Melodies & Memories
Catering: Rudys BBQ