Real Weddings at The Nest

-Adam & Taylor Sandy-
Sunday May 27th, 2018

Photography By | Mark Boatright Photography

N|:How did you both meet?

T|: Adam and I knew of each other in high school but had our first class together sophomore year. We quickly and easily became good friends- we both admit to having crushes on each other on and off throughout the year but we began dating in the middle of our junior year. We dated through our first year of college long distance and decided to take a break to grow individually and really seek God’s plan for each of us.

A year and a half of trials and personal growth goes by, and we (not so) coincidentally happened to be working at Kanakuk Kamps together that summer. (This was the first time we had seen each other since our break). We rekindled our relationship a few months later after lots of prayer and felt like God wasn’t done writing our story! We started dating in December of 2016 and always talked about getting married and what our future life would look like together. Adam made all of that come true when he proposed at the Magnolia Silos on July 24, 2017!!!

N|:How long after did you know he/she was the one, and describe that moment?

T |:The weekend we decided to get back together after our year and a half break we knew we would get married. Once we had both made the decision to work through our past mistakes and take the steps to make our relationship stronger than before, it solidified that we would make a good team. We made the choice to stick by one another and demonstrate unconditional love from that point on and it made the biggest difference in our relationship and continues to do so now that we are married! I think the emotions that come with knowing who you want to spend the rest of your life with are excitement and peace. Having confidence that the Lord has had His hand on your relationship from the very start, and knowing that His provision will continue to cover you throughout marriage fills us to the brim with excitement for what’s to come! It is special when you know that not only you, but also your future spouse is going to make the commitment to unconditional love for the rest of our lives. There is truly nothing like it!

N|:What did you want your guests to experience at your wedding? Tell us a little more behind the vision?

T|: I was browsing Pinterest one day after the engagement and saw the most amazing cake that was super funky, yet simple at the same time. I didn’t pin it under my wedding folder because I thought it might be too “out there”. Turns out it became the theme of our entire wedding! Black and White with pops of all of my favorite colors. I wanted a traditional, yet modern wedding with a hint of whimsy and I kept turning back to this cake for inspiration! It was the underlying theme for the invitations, which was the first impression our guests would have to the last detail of the evening when we left in a vintage black 1955 Chevy Bel Air where our guests rang heirloom bells that were a collection of my mother’s. With every detail I wanted my guests to feel welcomed, loved and thought of while also providing fun, wholesome entertainment. Every choice Adam and I made, we wanted it to honor and glorify Christ.

N|: What is something that you learned in the process of planning a wedding that you wish someone would have told you?

T|: In my opinion the hardest part of the wedding planning process was the guest list. We had initially made a list of 175 invitations. Some told us that however many invitations we sent out is how many guests we would roughly have. But when it came down to narrowing our list to send out invites, we counted each person that could potentially come and 175 invites = 340 bodies. We ended up cutting 50 people and that was the hardest thing ever! We decided to just send out the 140 invites we had left, with 290 people that could potentially come and hope for the best. On the day of, we had 240. That is wayyyyy over the average percentage that people had advised would say yes. So, my advice is to be realistic with your guest list from the start and count each individual that you are inviting. It will make the latter part of your planning process less stressful.

N|: What was your favorite part about having your wedding at The Nest?

T|: Every part of it was amazing. From the beauty of the venue itself, the ease of the planning process with using multiple venders, all the way to the day itself – it flowed so perfectly and the Nest oversaw every detail. I also loved that The Nest provides so many different options for how to host your wedding (inside and outside options for ceremony, adorable patios in the front and back, and variety in how you set up the table locations). It is so versatile! With it being white, you can literally make any theme work and I loved that about this venue. You can really make the space your own, which is hard to do at a lot of other wedding venues. I am so thankful that we had our wedding at one of the most unique, and beautiful venues out there! Not only did we love it, so did our guests!!! If I could plan my wedding all over again, I would choose The Nest every. single. time.

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