Hannah & Skyler’s June Wedding at The Nest

N | Tell us a little about how you met each other?

Skyler and I met through a mutual friend in college. We both were involved in our colleges Young Life, and instantly connected through that. We were friends for the first few months, as by the time we realized we were interested in each other I had moved up to Fort Worth, Texas, and he was still located in San Antonio, Texas. Neither one of us ever thought that the Lord would do what he ended up doing. We texted, talked on the phone, and FaceTimed, for what seemed like forever, until we officially realized that we wanted to pursue each other. The next year and a half consisted of a long distance relationship that we could not be more thankful for. It taught us so much about each other, patience, and how to love the Lord better. We would spend the weekdays working, and going to school. While pretty much every Friday night, we would alternate driving either down to San Antonio or up to Fort Worth to spend the weekends together. Our time together felt short, but we were so thankful for the moments we got to spend together. We constantly prayed for guidance and reassurance as we begin this relationship together. Putting the Lord first was the best thing we could’ve done for each other, and after what felt like an eternity, the Lord provided the job for Skyler where he would be able to move up to Fort Worth with me! He moved up to Fort Worth on August 10 of 2019, and couldn’t help himself. He proposed just a few weeks later on September 1!

N | Tell us how did you propose?

Skyler proposed on my grandparents dock on Eagle Mountain Lake. It was a beautiful night and he had tricked me that we were going on a double date with my sister and her boyfriend. He told me to get ready and to meet him at the lake house so that we could all ride to dinner together. When I showed up at the house, his brother was waiting for me at the door. He blindfolded me and walked me out to the backyard where I instantly knew what was going on. By the time I got down to the dock and took off the blindfold, I open my eyes to the beautiful scene. Skyler had set up a path of rose petals and candles and he decorated the dock with pictures and other beautiful decorations that represented our relationship. It was so sweet and intimate, it was just he and I while a few sweet members of our family waited off in the distance. I immediately started bawling my eyes out and jumping up and down with unexplainable joy. I knew I was going to get to spend forever with this man and was so blown away by the abundance of blessings that God had already provided for us throughout our journey together. The rest of the evening was spent crying, and smiling from ear to ear. We celebrated with our close family and immediately began wedding planning together. 

N | Tell us what led you to choose all the vendors you did?

All of the vendors that we chose were 100% led by the Lord. I know that might sound silly, but we knew that we wanted our special day to radiate the love of Jesus. Surprisingly, I knew deep down in my heart that The Nest at Ruth Farms was going to be our special wedding venue as soon as Skyler proposed. It was the only venue that we toured and we immediately fell in love as soon as we walked through the doors. The place is filled with elegance and beauty. But most importantly it is filled with God’s divine grace. You feel the Holy Spirit surround you as you walk through the doors and it is our own special piece of heaven on earth. I attended a wedding at The Nest the year before, and knew it was just a matter of getting Skyler to love the venue as much as I did. Our photographer, and alcohol vendor were recommended by the nest at Ruth Farms. Amanda Lane’s photography blew us away, and we even made a new friend throughout the process. Amanda will forever have a place in our hearts and she was able to capture our special day beyond our wildest dreams. Do it big studios was our DJ and they also were recommended to us by the nest. Jake and his team made the night so much fun and they were so kind and compassionate throughout the entire process. Blushington Blooms was our florist, and the owner of the company is actually a close family friend of ours. We wanted our dinner to be light, fun, and delicious, so we knew that Chuy’s was the way to go. Paradigm Pictures was recommended by another friend of ours and their skill created a video that we will forever be able to cherish. 

N | Tell us your favorite memory of your wedding day…

My favorite memory… I know it might be cliché to say the entire day, but seriously, the day was the most magical experience I could’ve ever asked for. Skyler and I both are still in awe of the blessings that the Lord gave us that day. If I had to pick one specific moment, it would be when the doors opened as I walked down the aisle. Those beautiful French doors are still embedded in my head as if it were yesterday. They revealed a miraculous moment, when I got to see my husband for the first time on our wedding day. In addition to that, my second favorite moment was after our pastor pronounced us as husband and wife, we got to turn around and face our crowd and it was the first time I got to see the community of people that were celebrating with us. All of the amazing friends and family that have made that day possible smiling back at us. That is something I will never be able to forget.

N | Do you have any planning or wedding advice you would give someone who is getting married at The Nest?

The best advice that I can give somebody who is getting married at The Nest is to decide the morning of that no detail could ruin or put a damper in what you have worked so hard for on that day. Take a couple of moments to just take a step back and admire the beauty of everything. Take some deep breath‘s, close your eyes and smell the room. Those small moments are what I remember the most, I had multiple people tell me that I seemed so relaxed on our special day, and I truly did feel that way. A few things did not go as planned but it truly didn’t matter. I am now married to the love of my life and the day was seriously the best day of my life. The Nest is such an amazing venue run by an incredible staff. They will bend over backwards to make sure you have everything you need. The day is about you and your spouse, and nobody else. I’m so thankful for the gift that we were able to receive on our wedding day and will forever cherish the memories we got to make.

Hannah & Skylers Wedding Vendors

Photography | Amanda Lane Photography
Florals | Blushington Blooms
Catering | Chueys
Videography | Paradigm Pictures
Bar | HD Liquid Catering