Dreamy Engagement Session with Amanda Lane Photography

Photography | Amanda Lane Photography

When Amanda shared her gallery of Jadyn & Logan’s recent engagement session at The Nest taken this past April with us, we were mesmerized by how beautiful their photos turned out. Amanda, who is one of our preferred photographers here at The Nest, not only was able to capture our sweet couple so authentically and true to their personality, but also allowed the light to lead her to the perfect spot and angles where she knew she would capture the beauty of our land and The Nest. We felt as though she would have much to say about her engagement session, and as a wedding photographer, we wanted to know what her and her couples experience is like during these sessions. So we decided to ask her a few questions, in hope that it would be helpful for our couples here at The Nest!

N | How do you prepare your couples for their engagement session with you?
“I love to co-create with my couples to build an inspiration board that reflects their personal style and story together! This board is incredibly helpful in making decisions on the engagement session location, outfits, and any additional props that may add to the story. Oftentimes, my brides will text me photos they love and the outfits they’re considering to get my feedback. I love this because we can get into the details that really make a difference in creating beautiful imagery for them. I recommend brides getting hair and make-up done professionally with a very natural look if they’re not confident in doing it themselves. More than physical appearances, I try my best to prepare my couple’s hearts for connection by sending a little list of affirmations they can choose to read to one another on their way to the session. It’s so important to fight for connection the day of the session. Running behind or hitting traffic is such a subtle way couples can lose connection and that is felt in the images no matter how great they look!”

N | What are some things couples should consider when going shopping for engagement outfits?
“My personal rule for shopping is: If I don’t dance in it, then I don’t buy it. If you have to convince yourself, it’s probably not the outfit you’re going to feel most confident in for the session. Invest in clothing that fits or in getting items tailored. Jadyn had both dresses altered to fit her perfectly, which was a bit of a last-minute expense, but so worth it. If you have to contort your body to compensate for a lack of fit, this will also be felt in the final images. If items are too restricting, it may take away from the creative freedom we have in poses with more movement. As far as color goes, I always prefer neutral tones and soft colors because they reflect light well and create more timeless imagery! Consider hiring a stylist (or working with your photographer) to pair outfits that compliment one another well.”

N | What is it about The Nest that makes it such a good place to take couples engagements?
“My session with Jadyn & Logan at the Nest was such a great experience because of the privacy and freedom we had in the space. Oftentimes, public locations can take away from the moment and make it more difficult for my couples to focus on each other. I loved that we were able to put on a magical playlist and create our own world to capture their love in. It felt like an actual fairytale!”

N | Do you have any tips for couples who are doing their engagement session at the Nest?
“Consider the season, if you’re hoping to use the outdoor space. We booked our session at the beginning of May, after the trees had turned green and before the summer months became unbearable in the heat. The inside space is best-photographed midday-midafternoon when the sun is at its highest. You’ll want to start your session inside and transition outside in the evening, once the sun has begun to set and the light has become softer. Each photographer has their own preferences, though, so defer to their professional approach!”