Our love marquee sign adds to the excitement of your evening and can be placed behind our bar in the front of the venue, or on any large raised surface near an outlet. Letters can only be used inside the venue.

Dimensions: Each letter is 1.5' Tall x 1.5' Wide

Found in Lithuania, this one of a kind dress hanger will set  apart your wedding dress photos, and add a touch of glamour!

Found on a recent shopping trip, this antique french bistro cart is the perfect addition your cocktail hour, or for morning mimosas or champagne! 

Dimensions: 15" Deep x 24"Tall x 27" Length

We believe Details Matter

Sometimes the smallest detail, can make the biggest impact. With this awareness in mind, for our couples we have invested in some one of a kind rental pieces for you to fall in love with, and that we believe will add a special touch to your wedding day!

** All of these pieces come in the Gold package** 
**Only booked Nest couples can reserve these pieces **

French Bistro Cart


 dress hanger

$70/ per wedding

$50/ per wedding

$35/ per wedding