frequently asked questions

Our venue will hold up to 300 of your guests inside & outside with either a DJ or a band and dance floor.

what is the maximum amount of people the nest can accommodate?

Yes we do! Our preferred wedding planner, Mothers & Daughters Design House offered a all inclusive collection for our couples. Click Here to learn more!

Do you offer all inclusive packages?

No, we do not include a wedding coordinator in your package at this time. For all wedding packages we do require our couples to have a coordinator. We have a list of amazing coordinators whom we believe will be able to best serve you at this capacity. Please inquire further here to learn more about them. Additionally, we will have venue management onsite throughout your rental time who will partner with your coordinator, answer all questions and manage the venue.

is a wedding coordinator included in our rental package?

During the week, we are open to hosting up to two events per day, but on weekends we believe in only hosting one event per day.

how many other events will take place the day of our event?

We now can provide linens and select furniture pieces, but all event decor is brought in through vendors.  Depending on your package will depend on if any of our rentals are already included or not. To view all of our venue rentals please inquire here!

do you provide linens, decor, or any tableware?

Unfortunately, we do not have an onsite accommodations at this point. We are happy to suggest our preferred hotels and places of lodging for your guests! Please inquire further here for the best hotel recommendations.

does The Nest have overnight accommodations?

We do not allow glitter, confetti, cornmeal, loose straw, dark flower petals, mylar balloons, dried flowers, sprinkles or any non-biodegradable products. We also do not allow staples, nails, screws, or duct tape on walls or floors. Real candles are wonderful, however they need to live in an enclosed container and are only allowed on raised surfaces. We do not allow real candles on the ground inside or outside, however flameless candles are not a problem. 3 M command hooks are the best to use if you wish to hang anything in the venue. If you have any other decorations you want to use and are unsure if they are welcome, please contact venue management.

what are the restrictions on decorations?

Yes! Please view our add ons if you are interested in having a firework display onsite or please inquire further with the venue! For a sparkler exit, we only allow 20” sparklers and must be lit 9’ away from the barn in a designated area specified by the Nest. All sparklers must be properly extinguished into a water bucket provided by the venue.

are we allowed to have fireworks or sparklers?

We do include an indoor and outdoor Bluetooth sound system that any device can connect to on the day of, but we would only recommend using it for atmosphere and cocktail hour music. Unfortunately, we also do not include microphones or any additional equipment beyond our sound-system. Any of our preferred DJ’s and bands can supply additional mics for your event. 

do you include a sound system and microphones?

We do not include a day before rehearsal in our packages. Because of this, the majority of our couples do their rehearsal on the day of during their contract time. If you would like to have the option of having a day before rehearsal, there will be an added fee of $250 and can only be scheduled 30 days before the wedding, pending date and time availability.

how do rehearsals work at The Nest?

Yes, but The Nest will provide security. This cost is not included in your package and will be due 30 days before your event date. Our officers will be contracted an hour before your ceremony and will stay an hour after your event. Our officers charge $45.00 an hour per officer, and the number of officers needed varies based on your overall guest count.

will we need to have security at our wedding?

Yes, we require all clients to present us with proof of wedding insurance 30 days before your event only through an approved carrier. Event insurance cost range between $150-$250 depending upon what coverage is purchased.

do we need to purchase wedding insurance?

Unfortunately, these services are not a reliable form of transportation in Ponder. Please arrange transportation for your guests or let them know to organize another method of travel. If you would like any vendor recommendations for car services, please inquire further.

will Uber or Lyft pick up or drop off our guests?

We require a 1/2 down deposit on the venue price to secure your date. The final payment is due 30 days before your event. A $1,000.00 security deposit is due at the time of signing the contract. You will receive your deposit back within ten business days after your event once we have thoroughly inspected our venue and property for damages. We gladly accept cash, a check, or a free ACH bank transfer online. Please make checks payable to The Nest at Ruth Farms LLC and mail them to our mailing address at P.O. Box 215 Ponder, TX 76259.

how do i secure my date?